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2020 Advice and Optimism with Tony Kraayenbrink

November 14, 2020

Although it’s been a tough year for small businesses everywhere, Tony Kraayenbrink believes it’s still a great time to be a small business owner. As the Owner and Founder of IFC Studios, he knows beneficial things come from analyzing your company and refocusing priorities around what you do best. We’re so happy that he was able to join us on the Way to Go! Podcast to share what he did when the going got tough this year, what technology he’s leaned on and how his company’s now stronger as a result.


Tony begins by sharing how he got started in web design, how his company grew overtime and just what happened when he had to go through some downsizing this year. He gets into how IFC Studios refocused on what it does best and what technology they’ve embraced to communicate with clients and potential new clients without meeting them face-to-face. He brings lots of advice to the discussion and his optimism is contagious. A must listen for any small business owner.

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