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Growth in the Time of Corona with Ryan Heafy

October 26, 2020

Your business was primed for a massive growth year, but 2020 had other plans! Instead of shaking your fist at the heavens, listen to our guest, Ryan Heafy’s story in his own words. He’s the Co-Founder and COO of 6AM City, the fastest growing, newsletter-first, local media company in the country; with over 250K active subscribers across seven different markets. And he might just inspire you.


In this episode, we hear about Ryan’s background in mechanical engineering, how he got started with 6AM City, how they grew from their first morning newsletter product in 2016 and how they had a scheduled fundraising round right when the pandemic shut things down. Ryan describes how things lagged for a while, but the time was spent rethinking some of their processes and fostering innovation internally, how streamlined software-based HR, accounting and video-conferencing solutions allow 6AM City to seamlessly operate remotely and save money. 

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