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Creating a Flexible Workforce with Kathy Kacher

October 26, 2020

How can your business successfully work from home during the pandemic? Our featured guest, Kathy Kacher, knows just what to do. She’s the President of Career/Life Alliance Services (CLAS), Co-founder of the SMART Workplace and perhaps, most notably, a champion for professional women everywhere. Kathy’s regarded as a pioneer in workplace transformation and she joins us to talk about how companies must learn a new way of working to remain competitive.


In this episode we learn about Kathy’s story, her focus on women and the work/life balance, workplace flexibility, transitioning to a mobile work environment and fostering cultural change. We also get her perspective on the right technology vs. the right mindset for transitioning your business, maintaining wellness and setting virtual boundaries, moving towards a short technology stack and IT security in times of increased mobility. She speaks to this moment like no other and businesses of all sizes should take note!





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