Way To Go! Podcast

Creating Buzz and Community with Be’Anka Ashalou

November 4, 2020

Here’s a story that will brighten your day. A brand-new coffee company called Nirvana Soul has Silicon Valley buzzing. With a new space just opened (yes, in 2020!) in downtown San Jose, sisters and co-founders Jeronica Macey and Be’Anka Ashalou are creating community with coffee and tea. We’re so pleased to welcome Be’Anka to this episode of the Way to Go! Podcast to discuss her role as Co-Founder and CMO of Nirvana Soul, how the dream became a reality and the technology that makes it all possible.


In this episode, Be’Anka Ashalou discusses her and her sister’s backgrounds, the dream of opening a coffee shop in their hometown, building relationships pre-opening, putting themselves out there genuinely and documenting every step of the way on social media. She describes having to push their opening back, finally getting to the big day, seeing huge lines, receiving unexpected press, how technology solutions helped to get things going and what they’d love to do in the near future. Listen while you sip!

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